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Is dual a good brand of HUs?

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Not at all...

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Glidden, Iowa U.S.

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I saw they have a hu that looks really cool for 150 so i was just wondering

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Dual = Jensen.

it's trash.
look at the CD changer section and see everybody having problems with Dual CD changers.

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Lol we sell dual, well the store I work at... So many people come in and buy it cause "it looks cool" or because its cheap. I tell them to stay away from it and get lower priced alpines or pioneers for the price they pay for the duals. But hey, it's their money.
But yeah, dual = garbage as glass said.

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I finally got to see and touch a Dual HU at a Best Buy store... STAY AWAY!!! It's made of very CHEAP plastic - I'm surprised the thing stays together at all. No wonder there are so many failure reports. Just grab the volume knob and feel how light weight it feels, like it's made of hollow plastic connected to a weak dialing mechanism.

Didn't even bother to listen to the sound...

Remember, looks can be quite deceiving!

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jensen speakers are ok though, not sure of the h/u's but my sisters boyfreind gave me a set of jensen 6x9's for free and i put them in my sisters car for her (i was only 15 at the time and had no car) and well they sound great, they produce nice crisp bass and good mid and highs. i wouldnt buy them for my car because i like kenwood tbh.

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Your kidding me right, Jensen speakers suck just as bad as their HUs do. Kenwood blows too. You have a very interesting taste in SQ though. If you like 'em thats great but there is much much better out there.
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