What speakers to get for an SUV?


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Im new to the car audio world (but not retarded :-) .) Anyway, I was wondering what kind (Brand and Size, maybe even ohm?? i should get for a 1994 Isuzu Rodeo? I was thinking about the Kicker Comp vr (im pretty sure they are vr) 15" 1000w max (500w constant), with a phoenix digital pd-397 2000w amp, but am VERY OPEN to suggestions, beings how whoever is reading this has more experience than me! LOL. I would also like to know what kind of box would be best (ported, slanted w/o ports, bandpass, etc....) Im tired of hearing the jocks pulling in at school with their nice cars that bump, but rattle like a mother!!! any info would be great! Thanks in advance, and expect me to be around here more often.

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what kind of price are you looking at for just the subs and amp?

what kind of price for everything (are you installing, dynomat, wires)?

how much room do you have to use?

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well.....I can get a brand new phoenix digital pd-397 amp for 130.00 shipped to my door, and i can get 1 kicker comp vr 15 (its either vr or cvr, but im pretty sure its vr) for 110.00 shipped to my door....so no more than $400.00 for 2 subs and amp. I will be installing it, no dynomat, and what do you mean by wires? what guage do you prefer? and space is about 3'x3.5' (not sure exactly) (think of the back of a chevy blazer, thats about how much room i have, maybe a little more) thanks

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I wouls personally look into the Cerwin vega v-max subs they are cheap and get very loud. As far as an enclosure what type of music do you listen to? wires all you need is a 8 guage amp install kit that will have everything you need. If this is your first install good luck and post if you run into any problems.

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mostly rap ( Ying yang twins, Lil Jon, three 6 mafia) some metal (slipknot, coal chamber, cannibal corpse).

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what about the Kicker 05C154 15" subs? anyone own or owned them? are they any good?
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