Treo SSX 15 Challenge RE XXX 15


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Ok I have only had experience with the Treo Subs.
Not the RE so I would like to know which one is a better sub.
Alot of people here favor RE and I would like to know why.
I am starting a new build and I really want to know what the hype is all about.
And which one of these to subs would win all around
Not just for burps I mean Good solid daily driver
Pounding bass when needed and great SQ when wanted.

Opinions are really respected and Appreciated.

Also I would like to play them side by side. I would put up my Treo for the test. I live in So. Cal if any one is interested.

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Also I would like to us a US Amps 3000 for the test so the same power source would apply to both.
The test is for local audio nutz only. In So. Cal.

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Too close to call,I have not heard the SSX sealed but very similar ported,

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Humm thanks for the info Dropp.
The only dealer that I have near me does not have a display for the sub.
and the people that have it wont show them.
Which is understandable from some one who just got my stuff stolen.

So what would be the best way to settle this decision.


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IMO, the TREO would blow the XXX away in SPL...hands down. these subs are ridiculous.:-)
i have heard 2 SSX 12's in a hatchback(300zx)...152dbs.:-)

and 2 SSX 15's in a Tahoe, not sure what he hits, but he pulled up behind me one day while i was in the line at Taco Bell, and i had my system up quite a bit, with my windows up, and all i could hear was his.:-)

Now on the other hand, the XXX would kill the SSX in SQ IMO. i find that the SSX has decent SQ at lower to middle volume, but they aren't designed for SQ, so once those subs start movin, it's just balls out Bass.

the XXX was designed solely for SQ, that's why it has the Xbl2 motor technology, but it was tweaked a little more to get more SQ, and made the sub very inefficient, thus needing more watts to achieve the same output.

i have heard a 15" XXX in a Jeep Cherokee, it was extremely loud, and sounded Excellent, but it doesn't quite compare to the SSX. but these subs were designed for different purposes.

the XXX gets so loud b/c of its power handling and excursion capabilites but it is still a SQ sub.
i also wouldn't give the XXX almost double its recommended RMS rating.

a lot of people favor RE, b/c they are very well built subs, they sound great, get loud, and are cheap price-wise for what you get. they also handle a little over their RMS rating, but like i said earlier, almost double is pushing it.

i would say the XXX would win all around for a daily driver, it sounds great, they get very loud, and cost considerably less than the Treo's.

not only that, but you can buy them from their website, unlike Treo, you have to buy them from a dealer, well not everybody lives next to a dealer, so it is more convenient to just buy straight from their website(cheaper too)

hope this helps a little.:-O

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Actually it does thanks for the tips.
Now what about box design how much does that play into it.

Also a MDF box using 3/4 inch density.
This i find to be a hot topic.
You could build a box that is both sq and SPL with interchangable ports.
U see i dont just want to rattle my teeth out.
I will say I like bass but I would much rather have better sq than that run of the mill anoying 18 year old kid type of bass that you hear about all the time.

and when you look at all of the specs that both subs offer to a point you just have to ask yourself what the hell are all this numbers for if you cant figure out what they hell they all mean.

Also does a pure fiberglass enclosure make a difference over all mdf.
Or is a conbination the best way togo.

Then you have creativity.
For as much money as most of us put into this hobbie.
U dont just want to have a ordinary square box or rectangle.

How much does the box shape size materials and apperance have to do with the actual sound.

I mean Both the Treo SSX and the RE XXX are great subs.
but all of this has to be taken into concideration before you put a box together so your really nice sub does not blow or sound like a Phoenix Digital sub. no pun intended for those who have phoenix digital gear.

Any ways what do you all think.

U know that funny thing is that I thougt I had a Idea of what I was doing but Here I reallized that there is alot more for me to learn and play with.
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