Dual 2 OHM means?


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I was looking at the RE SX and they are dual 2 ohm can they be brought down to 1 ohm? as the amp I am getting is 1000x2 @ 1 ohm and its a $2000 amp so its not cheap and its underrated. just telling you cause no one asnweres the question they bash me about some crappy BOSS or Sony amp.


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Yes, wired in parrellel.

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And running them in paralell at 1 OHM means louder SPL...basiclly right?

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1 2 ohm DVC sub will go too 1 ohm.
2 2 ohm DVC subs will go to 0.5 ohms.
1 ohm usually means more spl, because the lower the ohm load, the more power goes to the woofer.

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you can't look at ohms as a basis of spl. you just need to learn the very basics of electicity. www.bcae1.com is a good source of that. it will tell the different ways to wire a sub. also, most amps put out more power when the sub is wired for a smaller ohm load, such as 500 watts at 4 ohm, 1000 watts at 2 ohm. but you dont want to go crazy and wire down as low as possible. you need to know how low your amp is stable to, for instance, most amps are only stable down to 2 ohms, but many good ones are stable down to 1, or even .5 . the sub presents the ohm load, not the amp. the amp gives out the power according to the load. and if you present the amp with a load lower than it can handle, you can and probably will fry the amp. i know that jl audio and rockford fosgate both have wiring diagrams on their websites as well if your still confused about wiring in parallel or series. im sorry for such a long description, but like i said, if you wire it wrong, you can damage you amp, subs, or both. I hope i helped

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thats weird you since enough to have a 2000$ amp but not know what ohm to set the subs to

too bad your profile says you have a sony amp unless your lying what kind of amp do you have anyway
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