How Loud Must It Be???


How much watts RMS must a stereo system have to be heard from at least 1 block away??

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i have a jl w6-v2 being pushed by 500 watts in a ported box tuned to jl specs. when i pick up friends they say that they heard me from in there house for a good minute or two before i got there. havnt tried to do the math with it but i think it comes out to half mile, maybe more. i dont know anyone else got an answer to this.

500 watt RMS?? In a ported box?

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Don't know why you'd want people to hear it from that far away...
It all depends on the set up.
What kind of car it is in will have a huge part in it as well.
It won't take as much as you think... it all depends on the car though... and inclosure.

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if your windows are down you can hear almost any system from a somewhat good distance away. its cool when someone has 4 12s and you cant hear anything when they have there windows up...just my opinion

What if it is 2 12" subs with 250 watts rms?? Could you hear it from a good distance with windows down and seat down with subs in trunk?

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If they can hear you from inside their house from 2 minutes away your your radio is too loud in the neighborhood. Just common curtesy :-) As for that, It really doesnt take 10000000 watts and 40 subs to have a car that can be heard form far away, especially with the windows down. In a good inclosure that can be achieved with just one sub. I know that one 15" RE .Mt in a Explorer can be heard from far away, but that was during tailgaiting at the Ten vs. Georgia game :-)

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Yeah, it isn't a good idea to blast you're system so everyone can hear you.
Cops/old people don't like it... but thieves love it!:-)
Anon, more than likely you'll be able to hear that.

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no one wants the money under your mattress until they know it's there, or you show them.

think about that. it pertains to your system.:-)

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Exactly muddy. Good point.
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