Custom subwoofer enclosure , need help


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hey guys please tell me if this is ok.
i am making box for 2 re sx 10" subs.
RE suggests these specs
width 36" x height 12" and Depth 20"

now in the back of the expedition i dont have much height so is it ok to like make a box with these specs
w 38" x height 10" and depth 20"

i have decreased the height 2" and increaed the width 2 inch. is this right and can you make box like this, Will the box have the same inner area and give the same SQL ?

this is what it says on reaudio site
for 10" SQL 3ft@35hz
SQL - 1.6 cuft ported 32hz tuning

can any one please explain me this

1) i dont understand why they mentioned 2 different hz things 35 and 32 for the same enclosure dual re sx 10"
2) whats 1.6 cuft ported means ( is it the port size like width x length ) ? and is 1.6 in inches or how do you calculate this
3) and what does 3ft@35hz means

your reply is very much apprecaited



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OK 38 x 10 x 20 yields 3.322 cu/ft, and 36 x 12 x 20 yields 3.878 so the boxes will be different. The 3.0 cu ft box is for a dual 10 box tuned to 35 hz which is the length and width and depth of the port in comparison to the size of the box. The 1.6 tuned to 32 is for 1 sub. Now you tune a box to play at its loudest at or around a certain Frequency, in this case 35 HZ would be on the high size for me but thats me. If you have a subsonic filter on your amp you should be fine just set it about 3-5hz under what your box is tuned to. The reason for this is that if you play a sub below its tuning freq then it can bottom out, over extend very easily and cause severe damage to your sub.

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hey james , got it now , thankx for replying.
Can you please tell me how did you get the cu ft by w x h x l . is there a site where you enter these and it gives you cubic ft? Also i think i dont have subsonic filter in my amp, what should i do ?
also how do you calculate what freq box is tuned to, is it by length and width of the port , but then how do you know what freq it is when width is for example 3" and length is 12" .


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Registered: Dec-04 that will give you dimensions on your box. As far as port tuning there is a web site but I dont know what it is off hand. If you dont have a subsonic filter then you can get bass blockers for a few dollars, they are not as efective but do work. I believe radio shack carries them in different HZ you would want a 30hz blocker.
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