Tuning a box


how do you tune a box? new to car audio and i was just wondering


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Tuning a box refers to setting up a standing wave acoustically in order to reinforce the wave and make it louder. While primarily this is done on boxes that are ported it can also be done on bandpass boxes of varying orders and increasing complexity. This can be done by varying the port diameter and length and also shape untill a desired output is achieved..note that the driver capabilities need to be taken into account...since tuning a driver enclosure to 5Hz is not practical since most drivers lose stability at around 20 or so Hz. Keep it loud and clean from canada peace out.

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Yup, what he said.:-)
How big the port is, and how deep it is.
Not all subs are ment for ported boxes though. Most work fine, but some are actually made for sealed inclosures.
You can tell by there QTS.
A ported inclosure will give around 2/3 more DB's over a seald inclosure.

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qts? and what about rectangle ports? how do you
tune these? Im building a box H14.5XW15.5XD16 inner dimensions, the outer dimensions will depend on the port. Width will probably be like 17-18"w/port. This box is going to be like the subzone boxes.
Any suggestions on the dimensions I should use? Thanx

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oops the inner dimensions is gonna be
H14.5 X W14.5 X D18 2.0f3

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you said you can tell by the QTS... around what QTS typically means a sealed box would be better, and around what QTS would be better for a ported box. also, im getting 2 RE SE's would that be better for sealed or ported, if ported, how do you put a port in a triangular shaped box or is it not possible

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*also wondering what the formula is for rectangular ports*
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