Help!! 2 Amp install!


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Hi, I am going to install my new subs in about 2 weeks. This is what I have.

1 - T9512-44 MTX Subwoofer Dual Voice Coil
1 - TA81001 MTX Amplifier 1 Channel
1 - APX640.4 Clarion Amplifier 4 Channel
1 - 05PKD1 Kicker 2 Amp Kit

Maybe --
1 - QX2180 Phoenix Gold Amplifier 2 Channel

I said new "subs" up top but only listed 1 MTX sub since I may only end up having one. I quite possibly will decide to upgrade to two in the near future though.

So basically I don't know what AWG grade of speaker wire to run to my subs, both from the amp and from the inside of my box, as well as what type of RCA's I should get for the sub. Do I use 0/1 gauge from the battery to the dist. block then 4-gauge wire to each amp or 0/1 to the MTX amp and 4 Gauge to the Clarion? The Clarion amp is already hooked up to my clarion speakers. Right now I have a 4 Gauge kit installed with some distribution blocks running 8 Gauge wire from the blocks to the amps. I was also thinking of wiring two boxed 6*9's to the clarion 4 channel as the rear speakers and then wiring the 2 rear door 5 1/4's to my old Phoenix Gold Amp. Would that work? Would it be worth it? And can it be done with the wiring kit I have? How would I wire all three? Also the tech support at MTX suggested a new battery to power all this. (Without mentioning the 3rd 2-channel amp). However some people say to just get a higher voltage alternator. What would be better? Do I need a Power Cap?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


The amp kit comes with all this:

0/1 Gauge Dual Amplifier Power Kit
· 20 Ft. 0/1 AWG Power Wire
· 3 Ft. 0/1 AWG Ground Wire
· 20 Ft. 16 AWG Remote Lead
· Fuse Holder
· 300A ANL Fuse
· 2 Distribution Blocks
· 5 Ft. 4 AWG Power Wire
· 5 Ft. 4 AWG Ground Wire
· Direct Connect Engineering


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Well for one, forget the cap, and depending what you end up with sucking from your battery, your probally looking at a HO alt. Those caps don't do squat.

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