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Username: Lanzarchamp

Bakersfield, California United States

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Registered: Sep-05
i just heard that jl is coming out with a 15 w7 whats ur guy's opinion on the matter

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Username: Spyder

Eglin AFB, Florida USA

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Registered: Jun-05
the 13.5 is enough!! any more output and you would be kinda using them for spl isn't the goal behind them....but i am sure if they came out people would buy em.....doubt they will tho!!

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Username: Carguy

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Registered: Nov-04
Take a look at 13W7's box, it barely fits in the trunk. 15W7 will require a van or a truck.
I doubt it'll be a great seller cause most of the buyers prefer loud bass over SQ.

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Username: Sploosh56


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I'd like to hear one of these when they come out if this rumor is true. Can you imagine the output and the size of the enclosure for one of these!?! I wonder how much the MTX9500 will dominate against this since the W7 will now have a 15" model. Hopefully everyone picked up on that sarcasim

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Username: Carguy

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You know what would be a great setup? Having RE MT sub AND W7 in the same car. Of course it can only be done if you own a van or a truck.
This way, you can switch between SQ and SPL.

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Username: Basshead86

Ocala, FL USA

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i thought your MT had great musicality?
didn't you have the JL guys shaikin their heads?

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Username: Carguy

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That was at a high volume. You'll go deaf if done everyday.
I'm planning to get 2nd SQ sub and use it for low-mid volume.

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Username: Ucfsaxman

Oviedo/orlando, Fl

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where did your hear that about the "15w7". that would be really stupid since the 13 is essentialy the size of a normal 15

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Username: Lanzarchamp

Bakersfield, California United States

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i saw an add pop up on the jl audio site

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Username: Tdbdadrummer

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Anyone seen that yet? I showed my friends at school, and they all died laughing, but were immensely impressed. But still, they were like, "What's RE?"

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Username: Theelfkeeper

Stockbridge, GA USA

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The pop up was prob some adware/spyware on your computer. I don't think JL's site uses pop ups, or at least i've never seen any.

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Username: Fordpwr

Los angeles, CA Usa

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Registered: Dec-04
If there ever was a 15 W7 I would probably get one to compare it to my 15" x.x.x.
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