I think i may have been "clipping" my subs


If i have been clipping my subs how do i tell if my amp is hurt? The tinsel leads arent broken on the subs but it does sound like my system keeps getting quiter every day, and it doesn"t hit nearly as hard as it did when i first got it and its not even a month old.

thats cute

thats cute

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well first of all, clipping is generated in the amplifier, not in the speaker. The sub just plays the clipped signal, which can potentially damage it by not allowing it to cool properly. From what you've said, just that your system is getting quiter, I doubt if you blown them out. The only thing I can think of is that you're gradually running your battery down and as the voltage drops in the electrical system, you're amp is putting out less and less power. Could also be a sign of a blown alternator, check the voltage ASAP to ensure that your alternator is still working, if not, don't drive it until the charging system is replaced, preferably with a high output alternator. Could also be something else, but thats all I can come up with at 3 am. :-)

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this just recently happened to my friend and his fuses on his amp were blowing. i dont know how many fuses are on your amp but check that and if it still happens let me know

well first off im not sure what "thats cute" means but anyways, i ckecked the reading on my capacitor and it actually spiked from 14.4 to 14.9 and the amp wouldn't play while the car was running, it just looked like it was shorting out, the voltage is back down and it is working now. As far as the fuses i have 3 40 amp fuses and never even thought about checking to see if one is blown, i just assumed that if one blew it wouldn't play, i just went out and checked the fuses and all of them are good, thanks for the help

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......You could be losing your hearing.... just laugh...

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honestly your ears prolly are jsut getting used to the bass if you play it loud all of the time. It happens with all of my friends and that's why we keep getting louder systems

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Yep.. i agree totally with what Wahl said.. I am like "Damn..something went wrong with my system!" but then I leave it on for a second, while I run inside to grab something, but sure enough...everything in my house still rattles just the same...so... A good way to do it, is hang something from your mirror...note how much it shakes after everythings in place etc... This is kinda how I re-assure myself that nothings fudging up, heh heh heh.

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