Anyone of heard of bought from this place?


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They have what looks like good sub boxes at good prices. I found a Dual 12" box with 2.5 cubic ft. per chamber tuned to 30hz for 75$ INCLUDING shipping. He has a 99.8% feedback rating which is good too. Here is the link to the box, can someone tell me if you think it is any good? ategoryZ14945QQcmdZViewItem

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Well, one he would have to know the displacement of the sub in order to figure out the true tuning of the port, and 2 it is a good box but with some real crappy terminals, and they miss some carpeting on the corners. A little word of advice, dont buy it. Ill give you mine if you pay for shipping, its the same box ebay, bought from the same person, i did screw in the subs i had, but hey, itll work.
I even bought new terminals for the box, but i opted not to use the box because im working on another project, so you can have the box+ the terminals, as long as im not taking money out of my pocket.

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e-mail me at if you want it
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