Somthin i read in my Psychology book


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and i quote" The sounds we hear range upward from 0 decibles,to about 140 decibles, which is roughly as loud as a jet taking off. Any sound over 110 decibles can damage hearing as can persistent sounds as low as 80 decibles. Any sound that is painful when you first hear it WILL damage your hearing if you hear it often enough"
Just somethin to think about

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what....i cant hear you.

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i heard 80 db was enough to cause damage as well. When i was a young buck.

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I think every1 here would have know that - just that when u get in a wild moment or a fav song comes on & CRANK IT UP ! u don't give a sh!t about what'll happen later on down the road .

When u get old then u'll realise why u have to stick a funnel in your ear to hear when some1's talking to ya ! - lol UploadUploadUpload

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Hearing aids are the newest rave!

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you look like a Ferrengi, and your mother dresses you funny.


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i don't get it.

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i don't get it.

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im personally gonna take my hearing more seriously though

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Everybody should take their hearing seriously, it's very hard to live once your hearing is shot. Don't wait untill it's too late like me...

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Actually, it's anything 100dB+ in the upper mid/treble frequencies that can damage hearing to the point of deafness.

Low bass tones are not as audible to the ear, so if you play a 30Hz tone at 200dB, you won't go deaf. But if you do that with a 60-80Hz tone, you'll develop "tin" ear or titinius, aka ringing of the ears. Regardless, you won't go deaf, just be driven mad enough to kill yourself!

If bass tones were capable of killing people, well I'd be dead, since my home audio system hits bass peaks of 134dB at 6 meters away...

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"Low bass tones are not as audible to the ear, so if you play a 30Hz tone at 200dB, you won't go deaf."

You'd die within seconds of a 200db tone at any frequency.

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Tyler, you got shutdown lol

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Ringing of ears is tinitis. Not "titinius".

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Good call.

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I'm 16 and I already have a constant ringing in my ears. It does get annoying but it always goes away when I hear Bass:-)
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