6.5"s vs. 6x9"s... Opinions, GlassWolf?


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Ok, I'm confused.

I'm looking to put a pair of Infinity 2-way 6x9s in my '99 Mazda Protege, like GlassWolf suggests. However, I talked to my friend, who's somewhat knowledgeable about car audio, and he strongly recommended against 6x9"s. He said that 6x9"s are inherently inefficient and poor at reproducing sound, and that they have a tendency to distort easily because of their dimensions.

He suggested that I use 6.5"s instead of 6x9"s for optimal sound reproduction. He said they wouldn't be as prone to distorting. However, I was concerned that it wouldn't be as loud/clear/powerful as 6x9"s. He also recommended against using Infinity (he said he's seen problems with their subs). From everything I've read, it seems that Infinity speakers are they best around.

Any opinions on either of these issues (especially GlassWolf)? Thanks!

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these are rear fill speakers, and won't be driven as hard as the fronts. they won't distort if the head unit is used as a high-pass filter for the rear channels also, since this will block sub frequencies from getting to the speakers.
While I agree that a 6.5 will tend to be a better speaker, in this case the 6x9 is a better solution since it will offer better midbass response and the 6.5" will tend to be overly bright in the back.
Infinity Kappa and Kappa Perfects are outstanding component speakers. I'm not a big fan of their subs, but the components are great.
The subs are ok, but nothing special.

The only trick to 6x9s is using them properly. Most people think they can use a 6x9 like a sub to get lots of bass, and that just isn't going to happen.
In this case, the Alpine with 3 sets of preouts also has a built in crossover (3 way) and parametric EQ (5 band) so you can set crossover points and slopes for each set of pre-outs, and by setting the rear channels to high-pass 12dB/octave, at about 100-150Hz, you eliminate the distortion. The subs will handle 80Hz and down, and roll-off handles the gap.
I've been doing this a while, and I've used 6x9s in some pretty high end systems for rear fill. I've never had an issue doing it. I don't use them as the main front stage though.
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