JL box VS.


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hey guys this is what im dealing with

jl 500/1
jl 10w7
stigner 4 guage wiring kit
1.2 farad cap from stigner

should i get the pro wedge box or what?
Is the wiring kit right? the cap?

any head unit and component
...no coax...
speaker sugeestions?

I was thinking Alpine type r's and mabe a jl 300/2(the amp isnt neccessary)

I have a 2000 Integra SE and the component set in there isnt bad.

oh, and would I kick the sh1t out of...
2 12 cvr's (kicker)
1 600.1 (alpine)

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get the H.O. Wedge

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i have a friend who runs the 10 w7 w/the 500/1. sounds like a pair of 12's easy.
very nice setup.
too many variables in components. you'd have to narrow down your preferences (cost, 2-way or 3-way..etc)

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Of all the setups i have done the JLW7 and the 500/1 in the H.O. wedge box....i have never seen a unhappy costomer....they all come back and say damn i can't believe it's a single 10!!

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i have 2 jl 10w7s on 2 jl 500/1s in slot ported enclosures, and i must say myself im pretty astonished at the output of these subs... 1 is enuff, but being i had them sealed before, i had 2... well porting them definately made a huge difference. also, im running the jl XR 650csi components on a jl 300/4 amp. i like em, they are clear, but i blew one of my tweeters when i improperly hooked it up to the x-over (my fault). but yea if u got the room, lik every1 else has said, ive heard the HO box is sweet, i just aint got no money left over for 2 of them lol

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the only thing better is the 12's or 13.5's on the 1000/1 in the H.O. box.....unfortunatly i haven't done many 13's but 12's and the 10's are awsome!!

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I don't think JL makes the 13W7 in a H.O. Box. I wonder why. The H.O. boxes do sound great.

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they make it in a pro wedge box....no H.O. box but they make a box for it!

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definatly get the high output.. JL has patented their design and provides alot more output than a normal slot ported box.. upgrade the component set if u want, but thats ur call.
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