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Okay my settings are the following

Base +12 (max)
Treble +12 (max)
Balance (normal)
Fade (nordmal)
Sb lvl +4db max +6db min -6db
Sb 120hz max 160 hzmin 60 hz
HPF off

NOw my amp is on 3/4th way at the back of it all of them.

Now i also have a base boost switch up to 18DB and i set that at like 1/3 the way to 18db+. Now from that does that seem okay what are some settings you could reccomend if these arent doing it? And the stuff im running is:

Panasonic 50x4 Watt deck

Lanzar (2) 12" 124D Subs

Infinity (2) 6002I 6.5" speakers (these are syet to be installed)
http://www.onlinecarstereo.com/CarAudio/ProductDetail.aspx?Return=True&ProductID =13340

Lanzar VIBE248 1200 Watt 2 Channel High Power MOSFET Amplifier

And my box is like a pp2212 model or somthing like that.


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i would put my bass boost on the amp on about 16 db and match the gain voltage to the preamp outlets on the back of your head unit
i would turn the bass down on your head unit because that will make more distortion for your speakers when you turn them up
i like to put the fade on -1 so the music blends more in with the subs in my trunk

but u gotta really play around with it yourself because everyone has there own likes and dislikes on audio like i dont like alot of treble

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But see the Infinty speakers i got people say they need an amp for base. So should i leave the base up at +6 and forget the amp because i dont got the money for another amp and i only have to speakers at the momen so should i put 2 at the fron in door pannel or should i put 2 in the back? What about the hz tho 120 or 160? sub level?

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GLASSWOLF can i get your say in this?
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