Are RE mt's better than jl13w7's


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which is better RE mt 15"s or jl13w7's and what is the price on the RE's

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what are you looking for SQ or SPL? the mt is a SPL Sub and the w7 is a SQ sub lol ...

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hmm.. i have never heard a big @ss sub put off that great of spl.. i mean... odd.. i do have to say i like the 13w6v2/s about four of those in a wall.. oh yeah.. that makes some noise.. yeah.. noise... not music.. oh well... buy 4 10's.. get some real sound... bigger isnt always better..

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Yeah... I don't really understand why people would want sub a loud sub? Unless you want to compete, why do you need it so loud? I would way rather get an SQ sub, but everyone has their own opinions.

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The Re's will be much louder
Resonant Engineering HQ
781 Middlegate Road
Henderson, NV 89015
em -
em -
tel : (702) 896 4823

RE8- $49
RE10- $59
RE12- $69

SE10- $149
SE12- $169
SE15- $199

SX10- $239
SX12- $249
SX15- $269
SX18- $309

XXX10- $359
XXX12- $369
XXX15- $399 more $ for new models due in Nov.
XXX18- $429

MT10- $409
MT12- $419
MT15- $449
MT18- $479

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But the JL's will sound much better, the MT is a SPL sub, you should look at Re's XXX for an equal to the W7

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the re mts will get much louder...that doesn't even make sense...the 13w7 is more of an sql sub and the mt is all out loudness...

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apples & oranges:-)

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Don't get side tracked. RE MT WILL produce SQ when given enough cabin space and port area.
My MT is hitting 20Hz notes without distorting. You try that with lot of the so called SQ subs.
Yes MT is for SPL, but it can and will produce SQ as well. However, that is not it's strength.
Best way of comparing is, a truck with 1000HP (MT) and a sports car with 1000HP (W7) and racing 1/4 mile. In speed race, the sports car might have a light edge, but in towing power, trunk wins.
In SQ, W7 will be better, but for SPL, MT wins.

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Allow me to butt in on this thread - but am wondering what other subs can step up to JL13W7 besides the IDmax in SQL ???

Of course if JL was priced closer to others subs - we'd all buy JL & not even care about the rest... lol

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the W7 is designed to maintain good linearity at high excursion. It's made to be a "loud" SQ sub.
the MT is a purely SPL designed sub, looking at it's specs, BL, etc.. and while it can sound good, that's not it's intent. It's made to handle enormous power and get hellishly loud.
Decide if you want an SQL system or if you want to compete in SPL events.
That'll determine which sub is the best for you.

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rovin...lots of subs do...adire brahma, RE XXX, ascendant audio avalanche, mmats juggernaut,

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Those u listed - SQ wise u mean ?, would have thought the xxx & mmats would be leaning more on the SPL side . I'm considering getting something (pair of 12s) more SQ with some L added . Upload

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nope, XXX (old ones at least) were using an XBL2 motor, which is designed for rigid linearity at high excursion. It's purely a SQ sub.
It's not an efficient motor design though, which is one of it's trade-offs, so it needs a lot of power to reach that excursion limit.
They do produce plenty of output but there are much louder subs out there with equal power given to them.. even the cheaper SX would be an example.
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