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Hello all,
I'm a retired engineer (health, not money!) who worked as an installer when in college. I've done hundreds of installs, and still do them for friends and relatives. Few things are as satisfying as a well done install, and the look on the face of the owner when done.

I tried to buy some equipment for an install, and ended up at What a mess. I looked through their site, and found a section marked "Spring Cleaning" (SP) where they (I thought) listed items on sale, and also looked at their regularly priced items. I assumed if the item was on this "Spring Cleaning" list they had it in stock, ready to sell. I ordered a pair of Nakamichi 6x9 speakers (not on sale, normal price) and a Nakamichi deck from the SP list. This was on July 26, 2001. I had order numbers from, telling me my orders were accepted, and the equipment was in the process of being sent to me.

And I waited.

Two weeks later, I was called, at 11:30, and told they didn't have the Nakamichi speakers. They offered my other makes, but I turned them down. Their offer wasn't very good. If I was going to get different speakers I knew I could do better, which I did.

I made it VERY clear to the person I spoke with, Zack, that I still wanted the Nakamichi deck I ordered. I asked to be called as soon as possible if there were any problems with getting me the deck.

Two more weeks go by, still no deck. In the mean time, I order the Nakamichi speakers from another dealer. One day after placing the order through their web site they call me to tell me these speakers are unavailable. They then offer me a set of Polk DX9 for the same price as the Nakamichis were going to cost me -- a MUCH better deal than gave me. I got these Polk speakers four days later.

So, I call and ask them where my deck is at the moment. I ask for a tracking number, thinking it must be on the way. After having to call them back due to them needing time to find the order information, they tell me my order has been deleted. There is no record of me ever ordering this deck from them. I cannot believe this -- I have an order number from them for this deck, and a few additional small items. They then tell me to go back on line to their web site and order this deck again. For the listed price, which is higher than the price I first ordered it for. When they get this new order, they will in turn order it from Nakamichi. I can only imagine how long it would have taken to finally see a deck arrive at my house.

I've bought a lot of stuff over the phone and over the internet since I first went online in 1992. Yes, not all of my purchases have gone perfectly, but in every case where there has been a problem, the dealer has tried to make me happy and keep me as a customer. A good example is the company I bought the speakers from. They gave me a very nice upgrade by offering the DX-9 series speakers in place of the Nakamichi 6x9s. For the exact same price.

What did looks a lot like a "bait and switch" and I am not happy. If anyone out there knows of a governing body keeping track of how car stereo dealers treat their customers please let me know so I can pass my experience along. I plan on seeing if what they did broke any interstate commerce laws.

I was hoping to get this system installed while there was still enough summer left to enjoy the results. The month wasted while did nothing cannot be replaced. Just today I found a deck, after a lot of looking around for it, and got it ordered. It ended up costing me a lot more money, but it is the time lost which angers me the most.

can someone tell me their phone # i too have become a victim of and i want justice!

Find out your order status @ or (970) 667 0173. We take online orders only.

I could not yet get a live person at this number :( I also have placed an on-line order got confirmation # but yet waiting for a product and my CC has not been charged. I am wondering if I would have to take an extra step to report my experience to the BBB and other organizations.

You should only buy electronics online from dealers listed on the website of the manufacturer. These manufacturer can vouch for the reliability and good level of customer service provided by these dealer. Also, if you buy from a dealer other than ones listed on the manufacturer, there is usually no manufacturer's warranty.,1460,60~6040,00.html

authorized internet dealer list:

why you should by from an authorized internet dealer:

I ordered an Autotek amp on February 4, 2002. I called in advance to make sure that the item I wanted was in stock and I was told that they had several of the item I wanted to purchase. I placed the order and waited, and waited, and waited. On March 7 I called to check the status of my order. I was told that the item that I had called about and ordered had sold out the day that I ordered it. I explained to Zack that I needed this amplifier for a competition in Daytona Beach, Fl during the third week of March. I was told that it was coming into stock in one day and would be shipped out. Three days before the competition, I had not received the product and was desperate to get it. I had to pay an additional 76.50 to get it priority overnighted to me. The amplifier came in the morning that I was leaving for Daytona Beach. I recommend that the operator get investigated by the BBB or other similar organization. TO ALL FUTURE CUSTOMERS OF CAR AUDIO WEBSITES, THE PERSON THAT RAN SOUNDHABIT.COM (ZACK)STARTED ANOTHER COMPANY CALLED CARAUDIOCRAZY.COM. BEWARE......
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