One RCA Port lose.....please help!!


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I have a Kenwood KDC-222 head unit in my car, I just bought a 750watt amp bazooka with a set of MTX Blue Thunder Legend subs, and it sounds unreal (I have two pioneer 6x9's/ two pioneer 6 1/2's/ and two tweeters that are also running) Im extremely impressed by the setup incept for one simple fact. The RCA plug (the white one or the top one on my cd player) is lose. Meaning, I hook everything up and boom boom it all works, Ill go for a drive and the amp and subs will stop working. I figured this out cuz if you jiggle the RCA plug the whole plug that goes into the head unit moves. If I could get the RCA plug to be pushed up and keep it that way it would work. So, what I did was take a socket (the only thing I had available at the time last night--and im pulling an 11 hour shift today on base today) and electrical tape the two RCA plugs with the socket in between it. It worked golden till this morning when I came flying out of my garage at 0400. So yah, now it stopped working. Any ideas on how to fix this, or if they sell stuff that I can put in between the two plugs (I was thinking something that maybe had two U's on each side connected by a metal peice, then tape it together--almost like on the old tv's cable connectors) ---> >---< (like that just instead of V's U's) Any idea? Id rather not go spend money on a new cd player right now, not untill at least next month as im going TDY, and will be to busy. I will have my car with me though and it will be used to drive off and on base. Any suggestions would be awesome, thanks so much!

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answered in amplifier section.
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