Lanzar Vibe 248 1200Watt AMP


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Any one have any reviews on that amp. im using that to push my 2 12inch Lanzar Heritage 124D 500RMS 1000watt peak subs. How does that seem?

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and another thing how would you rank this system?

I paid 180 for the 2 subs and 180 for the amp. The guy i bought them off gave them to me for how much he bought them for from a whole saler but i know he still got like 40 bucks outa it.

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You got what you paid for, which was very little.

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i highly doubt that. Jus beacuse its not JBL doesnt mean its not good. Just because of the name i doubt that its pretty good id think so.

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"Just because of the name i doubt that its pretty good id think so."

Go back to grammer school.

My grammer may not be 100% perfect, but at least it's is understandable.

JBL isn't even that good, so I don't know why you bring them up. Their amps are OK...not the greatest, but they get the job done. Their home audio speakers made in the 1960s and 1970s were awesome, but that is another cup of tea. This is a car audio forum.

On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being crap and 10 being great, Lanzar is a 3 at best.

So, go do some homework. Study car audio and grammer.

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