SPL SQL question


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Whats the differance between the two and what are they(units)and....

I've helped friends buy car audio alot and I think I know what im talking about( probably dont)

I need help... Its time for my system and I dont know what to get.I have 1200 USD and im buying some boom boom with good quality ( hu, subs, mabe component(6x9) and amp)

I've bought 2 Kiker 12cvrs(with big port box) a v12 600.1 alpine amp wiring kit install and warrenty for 800USD for a friend. I can get myself a decent deal from stores and i am willing to buy from internet( I live in canada shipping and duty fee from online stores kinda pushes me away but you can still sugest it)

I work at best buy( planning on getting a kenwood hu at cost from them)

I Plan on getting a 13w7 and a 1000/1 from jl audio.

ANY BODY SUGEST DIFFERENT at all plz let me know i like my quality and i want her to shake.
o and whats spl.... i know it has to do wit quality i think.... give me a quick lowdown


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SPL-sheer volume, and getting it by any means necessary. SQ isn't an issue.

SQL-High volume, but good sound quality doing it, covering a wide bandwidth.

First question is, which are you after?

So you already have two Kicker subs, a ported box, an Alpine amp, and a wiring kit, and you're basically looking to upgrade from those subs to something of higher quality, meanwhile getting good components and control (HU), am I correct? And you have $1200 not including what you spent on your current equipment?

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i am after good quality but that can be comprimised.

i do not have those kickers, box alpine amp and kit... its my friends... im just saying i can get some decent pricing

I work at best buy so I plan on getting a Kenwood HU from them( any sugestions ).


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SQL generally defines a high excursion sub with good linearity and a strong BL curve for good SQ. RE's XXX is an example of this.

SPL subs take no regard of sound quality and strictly aim for the highest output possible, such as RE's MT line of subs.
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