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i have this amp... everything is perfect i just have 2 questions...
my amphttp://ecominet2.alpine-usa.com:7777/pls/admn/item_info1a?p_item_name=MRD-M300&p _category=40&p_subcategory=140&p_main=10&p_more=y
my subshttp://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/proddetail.asp?sku_id=0665000FS10040094&catid=1 1051&logon=&langid=EN

1: since the subs have rms of 250 n i can only prive 200 watts from amp, i would never blow the subs with that amp rie even if i crank that sh!T up( cuz there is this indicator on my amp that lits up wen i kinda crank it up..:S the manual says its the input level, dun tknow what it does n how should i use this )
2: to get the best loud sound frmo what i have what should i set and to what level eg: LPF or somethign w.e the list is on the amp website above and i also have posted in one of my post , if u can plz tell me what to do then ill be set:D if u can plz prove with something like this
LPF: 50- 90 LOL i dont know if its 50 hz or w.e but plz provide with something liek that so that its ez for u n me.

u can refer to amp specs on the site to suggest the best possible anaswer

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You could kill your blow your subs if you clip the amp...you clip amps when you set the gain too high. (a.k.a. "crank that sh!t up".)

Try setting your LPF to ~80hz. Set your gains accordingly...dont just gap them open and hope for the best. Put you HU to about 75% volume and turn the gains up until your hear distortion, then turn em back just a lil.

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thnx marshall but there is no gain in my amp LOL
it has only few feature that i can change but the rest is just digital pzl refer to the website above to tell me what i can set...Low Pass Crossover Frequency (Selectable) : 30Hz - 200Hz (1/6 oct. Steps or Off)
Number of Time Correction Channels : 1
Parametric EQ "Width" (Selectable) : 1,3 ("Q")
Parametric EQ Frequency (Selectable) : 30 Hz - 160Hz (1/3 Oct. Steps)
Parametric EQ Level (Selectable) : ±10dB (2dB Steps)
Subsonic Filter Range : 15Hz - 50Hz (5Hz Steps) or OFF
Subwoofer Level Adjustment Range (With RUX-4180 or RUX-4280 Connected) : -15dB to 0dB (11 Steps RUX-4280)

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i will set the lpf to 80... thnx for that
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