A watt is a watt...Is this theory true?????


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I know this has probably been discussed here before and I know that it can get rather complicated.

Could sombody explain this well and/or provide a good link so that I could research it.


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first look up what a watt is. it's a measure of power. one joule per second. no matter what. so yes. a watt is a watt.
however, as far as amps go, it's a matter of producing power within its power range. if an amp displays that it produces 1000watts at 4ohms, it is then a matter of how well (if at all) it produces this power. if it has an adequate power supply, it does so free of distortion. and will do even more. if the supply is not so good, then it will produce a distorted signal at said watts. or perhaps it shuts off after a period of overexerting and attempting to keep up with the power claim on its sticker.

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A watt is a watt, to an extent. The main thing you should concern yourself with is clean watts. In an optimal situation, if you were to set two amps beside each other and play them at the same power level (both within their limits), you wouldn't notice the difference. It's once you stick them in a car, goose the volume control and send some transient signals to the amplifier that things change, a well built amplifier will have a power supply capable of handling overload more gracefully than a crappy amplifier, and you'll definately hear a difference there.

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all discussed right here:


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ahh. good thread. had lost it.
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