Isaac Is it U.S. Amps>>>Zapco>>>JL Slash>>>Orion D


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Is it in that order?
(1)US Amps (2)Zapco (3)JL (4)Orion D ?
Im thinking on these for amps here
AX 3000 DE
C2K 9.0 X
1000/1 Slash
2500 D

wich amp is the best amp to get?

the AX series 2000 watts at 2ohm
isnt 2ohms what my two avalcnh would be wired at since they are 2 ohm speaker?

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This is just my preference.
I'd go with Zapco C2K 9, US Amps, JL 1000/1, and then Orion 2500D.
If you get Zapco now, then you're pretty much set for life. You won't find an amp better than that. Well there are some very high ends, but nothing you can distinguish by ear.
With Zapco, you can get 4ohm/1ohm versions.
Well worth your money.

I just finished my RE 15" MT install today in a custom box. I spent all day designing it.
All I can say is, it is a great sub for SPL and SQ(at high volume).
Lot of the subs sound great from low to mid, then you start to hear distortion near the high end. MT sounds better loud. It was able to produce deep, ground shaking bass. You wouldn't think it could get that low, since it was designed for SPL only.
If you want to be heard, loud and far, MT is the answer. If you get 2 of those suckers, you will crack something in your car, guaranteed.

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I have the avalanches and was looking for ana mp to use it on
but I also want 1 of the XXX what would be the diffrence between that and the MT i dont know the rms on the new XXX If its close to 2000 watts I may just get 1

is this right isaac
if the subs are 2 ohm i should look at how much
1X 2ohm it puts out
or should I look at how much it puts out at 4 ohm because its two 2 ohm subs?

and why do you place zapco over us amps?

there damping facotor looks the same and thd

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Depending on whether your subs are SVC or DVC, if you have 2 of them, then for DVC, they can either be 8ohms, 2ohms, and .5 ohms. With SVC, it's 4ohms or 1 ohm. Therefore, look for amps that will give max power for those combinations.

US Amps are great, but I like Zapco better. Download their manual and read the fine prints. Difference between those 2 are very minimal. So you can't lose with either of them.

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Look at Arc Audio, too, designed by Robert Zeff, same guy that founded Zapco. Particularly their XXK line.
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