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Alright, I know this is going to sound totally lame, but I need to know what some people think.

I kinda really want a DVD player and a TV screen in my car, but don't really have the 1500 dollars for a fold out one that would be quality.

So, I was thinking about getting the JVC KD-AVX1. I can pick it up for like 450. Is it going to be absolutely horrible and break in 2 months?

I mean, I have two friends who have had JVC headunits for six years, but they could just be fortunate.

Should I even bother with this headunit, or just get a regular Pioneer cd player like the 9600MP or something?

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i was in drafting class back in '92-93. my instructor brought in a jvc top of the line home receiver. he took it apart and showed us the cheap parts out of which it was made and the reason that the unit broke.
He wrote them a letter explaining that if they did not replace his unit, he would tell the world of their faulty construction.
suffice it to say, I have not bought a single jvc unit since then.
If he was attempting to get back at jvc by teaching us it's junk, it worked.
the power of teachers. i think i'll have my students boycot subway this year. lol.

other than that, i have no experience with jvc. i havn't seen ANY being run in competition circuits. so.. sorry.

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I totally agree with Mike. They have awful headunits. The KD-LX1(a.k.a. First Kameleon) is made from cheap parts(it was supposed to be one of the nicest at the time it came out). The CD mech gave me problems after a few months and since then it's been sitting in my house gathering dust. The other two I own: 1) Somehow fried the connections between the heatsink and main PCB 2) Is also having CD playing problems and overall just performs horridly.

Let's not kid ourselves, the DVD might be a nice feature but you're looking at a tiny 3" screen. Personally, I would save my money for something better. You can even check ebay, the majority of private sellers that have the unit up for auction have only owned it one or two months and want to get rid of it so they might upgrade their system. If I've just paid near $500 for a headunit, I would rely on the unit to last a great deal more than just two months before upgrading.
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