A LITTLE QUEstion for GLASSWOLF plz..7


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hi glass wolf... i am planning to run dual 10" bandpass enclosure , put 2 10" infinities in it...people are telling me that it will pound i mean it will sound good... my concern is that is bandpass enclosure good? you can take the glass off too in that ...

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i'd go sealed. infinitys are SQ subs. they prob won't hit as hard as you like, but they'll sound good.

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base the best enclosure type on the Qts of the speakers.
I don't like bandpass boxes myself. they are very loud but they don't hit deeply due to 4th order boxes being tuned high in order to get good gain from them. for musicality and SPL (good balance) I'd go ported.
for strictly SQ without a lto of boom, go sealed.
again though, this depends on what the Qts allows you to use for the best box.

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Glasswolf- What type of enlosure would be good for a 12" sub with a Qts of .44 (it's a RE se)

what is Qts anyways?

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with a Qts of .44 you can use pretty much anything within reason. sealed or ported.

Qts is the driver's Q at resonance (Fs), due to all losses; dimensionless. Q is the driver's relative damping, or tendancy to resonate at Fs.
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