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Hi guys. i just came into a bit of money and a mate of mine owns a pioneer outlet and he said that he'd give me a good deal on a new sound system for my car... does anyone have any ideas of what i should get?.i just wanted to get a second opinion.. i drive a honda civic hatch... and i'm looking for a system with good quality sound and a lot of bass...
so just let me know what you'd get...

I was thinking about getting the deh-p7700mp head unit (3 preouts), the gm-6100f (4 channel 480w) amp, 1 or 2 ts-w306c (12" 1000w each) subs and ts-a1681r (6.5" 4 way 260w each) speakers for the front and rear... what do u think... and will 1 amp give me enough power for everything?

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dont know if its enough channels out - you could do some speaker parallel. for what youre describing, you may need a 5-channel (4 door speakers plus sub or two) or get the 4-channel and a separate sub amp D-Class amp for the sub only, A/B class for the 6.5 door speakers. I think that you will be dissapointed in one respect: the speakers. I dont like Pioneer speakers. Get all the other stuff from him, but get Infinity Kappa 6.5"'s for the doors. Pioneer speakers sound terrible to my. Im not an audiophile, but I have a degree in music. --OR-- get Infinity component 6.5"s for the front doors only, forget the back doors, and get your sub. 2x6.5" and 1 x 12" -- and your amp will push it just fine. Cheers, Paul

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Those subs u mentioned are a real bang for the buck ($55 online) & play surprisingly really loud/good - i own a pair ported to fac specs . Each sub requires 400wrms .
Wanna git deaf ?! - get a pair of Premier 3004spl model , each sub = 1000W RMS 3000w max using same exact box volume as the 306DVC . Only $125 each online .

Pioneers 6.5 don't have much power at all about only 50/60rms . If on a budget get the lowest series Infinities 6.5 Component @ $110/pair online .

If u are getting a deal on Pioneer & Premier - u should definitely get the M860MP Premier HU instead ,960 is the higher model but i like the 860 more .

Go on Pioneer's website ,read up & chose appropiate rms Premier amps to match . Best to have 2 amps , 1 for highs/mids & 1 mono type for subs .......
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