What else do i need in building my system........


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man, theres more to this stuff than i thought, lol. if folks could give me a little list of products i "NEED" and products i might "WANT" i'd really appreciate it. this is what i have.

deck= pioneer premier DEH-P8MP

amps= rf power 851s (for woofers)

amps= soundstream xta480.4 (for highs and mids)

speakers= jbl power series 4" highs (two fours on each side of dash)

speakers= jbl power series 6.5" (two in overhead sound bar, jeep wrangler).

woofers= infinity perfect 12.1d (two in a sealed box about 1.9cu ft)

i have the rca's and speaker wire. the power and ground are already hooked up to a cap from system that was stolen i guess i just need to put a fuse in there cause it's blown. also i guess i need remote wire for both amps. all the exsisting wires other than ground and power are damadged so i'm replacing. i've never done this (installing) before so i'm seeing all this cross-over and filter and stuff like that talk so i'm not sure what i need and what i want type stuff. i'm going to just start wireing the speakers with the new wire the same way it was. do i need filters or something for my fours or will the amp cross-overs be enough??

the deck i'm taking out is a sony explode i had installed about 4 or 5 years ago. do i need to get a harness for the new pioneer??

thanks for your guys's help. i've learned alot i think, lol. and good luck to me cuz i start next weekend. my deck and wireing get here tuesday. already have the other stuff.


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your new head unit will come with whats called A "wiring harness" thats what plugs into the back of the head unit. you will need to take the old wiring harness from the sony out, and wire up the new one all the wires should be labelled so from there it should be pretty self explanatory

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1/0 batt. cable routed from car batt. to amp area. Connect to a distribution block that splits to both amps. Don't forget to install your fuse within 18" of your batt.!!!!! Do not route batt wires anywhere near your RCA cables. Invest in a gel battery instead of your wet cell. Check your altenator output. (100amp plus is good) Ditch your JBL's and get better quality speakers, 94dbl sensitive. (Big difference). Sealed boxes need more power to produce the same volume than ported boxes need. Foam surrounds produce more hard hitting sharp Pah Pah pressure from the bass. Not to thrilled about the sound stream amp. Solder and sealed heat shink tubing all your wire splices. Wiring speakers in Paraelle or series or both??? Don't forget the amp's gain adjustments. Call MTX and ask them about your crossover/ filter situation. Lots of info. at crutchfield web site. DON'T RUSH IT!!!!
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