3-way component system


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Im looking into getting a 3-way component setup around $600 whether it on ebay or off a reatil site...At first i was looking at the focal 3 way and i heard them and like them, but i duno if i want to spend that kinda $ on the speakers...I have 2 atlas 12's sealed and i want something to blend well with them, any help is greatly appreciated

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in a range rover you could go three-way but for a good three-way set you're almost always talking over a grand.
you could however, get a very good 2 way system for around $600 or less and do just about as well, and have a far easier time aligning the drivers for a good soundstage.

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Username: Redrange

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ok well i would have to wait another few weeks but if its worth it ill do it...i was guna spend around 1000 anyways for the focals should i just stick with those???if so wut should i get for the back just a set coax's?

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Just get a decent midbass if you need rear fill.

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As 2-way (active) system I might suggest:
Scan speak 2904/ 60000 (you can get them with a nice aluminium housing), combined the with a Focal K3P only the 6,5 (not as a set).
Or look at home-hifi drivers like excel, dynaudio and vifa (but mostly they dont fit in OEM spaces) if you want to built 3-way.
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