Thumping noise when using accessories


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I don't really have a whinning noise, or maybe I just can't hear it over all the other noises.

Anyways, I've been troubleshooting the noises in my civic for a few days now. I have come to the conclusion that noise is coming through my headunit/or the wiring of. Because If I disconnect the rca cables from my head unit no noise.

The noise i'm having is this, it pops and it cuts out whenever I use my lights or turn signals. My subwoofer will thump when i use my turn signal and my components will cut out for a millisecond not long but enough to notice.

Being out of ideas, and going off of varios things i've read on the internet and my misunderstanding of them. I think I read something about grounding the rca connectors. Well I couldn't really find a how to on that, so I figured id just grab a basic like 22 gauge wire strip it and insert it into the preout on my head unit and shove my subwoofer rca cables in there after it. Then I took the other bare end of that wire and just touched it the bare metal on my HU and it worked, no more noise interruption(thumping when I use lights/blinkers) I havent tried this method with my components, because im using LOCs for those since my kenwood hu only has 1 preout.

Question: Is this okay to do? I dont really notice anything wrong now, whats a better way to do what im doing? Also How will I fix the issue with my components? Do I just ground rca connectors on my LOCs to the chassis as well? and what the heck caused this whole thing? I had my head unit installed at best buy, did they not ground the HU right?

UPDATE: My speakers fade out to nothing when I brake excessively, I checked my wiring everything seems to be okay nothing is loose or bare, I checked my power cable at the battery and zip tied it in place but no fix. any ideas?
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