Old School Amps vs. New Amps


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I just wanted to get some input from you all on the status of some of the amplifiers that I am familiar with from a few years back. I have not been into the car audio scene for about 10+ years and would like to know the status of Autotek, PPI, Orion, Fosgate, and Lanzar. I am looking to build a system for my truck and would like some input on these amps or any suggestions on some good quality amps. Also I am looking for some 12" subs that have a good balance of SQ and SPL. I would like to run 4 12's and was looking into the Eclipse 7124DVC's. Does anyone have a good suggestion on a good quality combo that is reasonably priced? Budget would be like under $200 per sub and under $500 for amps or somewhere in that ballpark.

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$300 per sub would be a better ballpark for decent subs
good price range for amplifiers though.

autotek I was never that into myself.
Orion, PPI, a/d/s, Viper.. all owned by Directed now. decent products.. not the best of teh best they used to be.
Lanzar is still around. RF is good, but not great.
If you want ""high end" amps look at companies like US Amps, Zapco, Harrison Labs, Audison, Sinfoni, McIntosh, Brax, and TRU technologies.. be prepared to spend in teh four figure range per amplifier though.
Good SQL subs from companies like JL, DD, RE, and ID are in the $400+ range per 12" sub


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Xtant is good also

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What about soundstream? i heard their older stuff is better than their new stuff. i was looking at this amp http://cgi.ebay.com/SOUNDSTREAM-XTA600-2-2-Chan-XStream-Amplifier-XTA-600-2_W0QQ itemZ5797174866QQcategoryZ18796QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem to push 2 JL 10w3v2-D4 but ive been told new soundstream is not as good.

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soundstream was bought up by another company with a less than stellar reputation, so yeah that's accurate to say. old is better than new.

www.caraudiocentral.net has a FAQ section with a thread on good and bad companies, which may help you get more up to date as a starting point.
I know what it's like to go through that being used to the old ways and getting reacquainted.

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Thanks for the all the input. It is hard to get reaquainted with all the new companies especially when all the companies that I am familiar with seem to have degraded in the years. Are there any good places online to buy good audio, everywhere here seems to love Kicker and RF. So I am guessing the the Eclipse subs would not be a good starting point.

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eclipse subs are great, i wouldnt stray away from the Ti or al 8800 series though. thats my opinion. other than that your on a great track. Also, for eclipse subs, the best prices are. www.electronicgiant.com some good places just to browse stuff is. www.thezeb.com www.acaraudio.com and www.woofersetc.com(my fav) hope this helps

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What about old Phoenix Gold versus new Phoenix Gold. I got my hands on some Tantrum amps. Are/were they any good? Better than the new Xenon/Octane R stuff??
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