Confused with speakers.


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I can't seem to decide how I want to upgrade my speakers. I was thinking on getting a pair of cdt braxials to fit in my from door's 6.5" opening and then I wouldnt have to mess around with a place (probably altering the stock door panel) to mount the tweeter.

Then I though of buying a pair of q-logic kick panels and upgrading to re's re component set and then disabling the stock door speakers.

After this I though of just getting the re component set and I could mount the tweeter wedged in the door pocket and I wouldnt have to alter the door panel. So I wasn't sure what would be the best option for sq (I drive a 4dr civic if you need to know)

Lastly I wasn't sure what the advantages of having speakers in the door panel and in the kick panel were.

I know this is alot of questions and confusion but I appreciate any help.

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First of all, the last thing you'd want to do would be to put the RE comps. in Q-logic kick panels. They are cheap flimsy plastic and will not do the REs justice. If it were me, I'd install the mid in the stock door location and put the tweeter on the A-pillar, or on the door near it. Either that or make some fibreglass kick pods.

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Which is the A-Pillar? The one by the windshield? (sorry, still learning)

Can you tell me the advantages of having speakers in the kick panels and in the door panels? Are they both components (of different or same size) or is one set components and the other coaxial? Thanks alot.

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yes that's the A pillar.
kick pods generally give better imaging and soundstage because they keep the mid and tweeter together, and give the longest and closest matched signal path distance.. the more uneven the distance between the right speakers and your head, and the left speakers and your head, the more it affects the imaging.
time alignment can help remedy this, but equidistant speakers are best.
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