Aftermarket CD player and Airbags wories


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Hello everyone, I got some great help here about my stereo a few months ago and was hoping to get a little more help. Anyway, I went to bestbuy with my girl friend to get a cd player and the salesman said that with here type of vehicle (2002 chev venture) that there may be issues with removing the factory stereo and putting an aftermarket one in. He said it might confuse the computer system and render the airbags useless. Something about a wore or 2 that needs to be routed through the factory stereo. He sugested to buy a $120 harness to fix the potential problem. Has anyone even herd of anything like this? Im concerend even more because I installed a cd unit in my 2003 blazer that may have the same issue if hes right. Ive googled it and came up with nothing. Any help would be great. Thanks


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A friend of mine(Gpz100) told me about that type of thing but it doesn't normally appear on '03 model cars or below. The salesman could possibly be right.

Honestly, I would check and hopefully talk to one of their representatives via live chat(No, I am not promoting them, but they do have the database of specific cars and what needs to be done to install aftermarket accessories).

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I second that, crutchfield's customer service and technical support are very informative and helpful even if you arn't buying from them.

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yes some vehicles need to keep the factory HU connected, even if you add an aftermarket unit. PITA.

if he suggested to buy a harness..
that means your ajoining wires
you can do that with a knife and some tape
buy a haynes book and read up on the electric wires for the radio and airbag sensors
costs 20 bux and will probably save you 100

you have other options available too
you can call the dealer and get a direct answer from them if you can add an aftermarket radio
because if you add a radio and the airbags dont work.. someone will try to sue them because the safety system was faulty
they should give you an answer pretty easy so they save their @ss
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