What's the best wiring?


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First off, this is the system I need to get installed:

Front: Infinity Kappa Perfects 6.1
Rear: Infinity Kappa 693.7i
Sub: JL 10w6v2
Amps: JL 300/4 and 500/1

Now, I'm getting a friend of mine to install these parts but I have to supply the wiring.

What wiring do I need and what brands do all of you recommend as the best? Is there anything else anyone recommend I need for my system (alternator, any other accessories, etc.)?

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I just bought all my stuff from
You will need at least 4 awg power wire to run from your battery to the amps. I'm using 0 gauge (fatter wire) and I don't have as many amplifiers as you. An inline fuse holder and a fuse attached maximum 18 inches from the battery in the power wire. Maybe a grommet if you have to drill a hole through the firewall for the power wire. A distribution block from the power wire to the amps. I like to use a distribution block for the power and the ground, so make it 2. Enough speaker wire for all 5 speakers. I would use a little thicker wire for the subwoofer, maybe 14 awg for the speakers and 12 for the sub. Get some ring terminals for the ground wire, you will need two, one for each amp. You will also need RCA cable, enough to reach from the head unit to the amplifiers. You will want 3 sets if that's what your HU has in the back. What type of HU do you have and what type of car?

Here is a good priced kit:
It has most of what you need. You would just need more RCA cables and maybe speaker wire, depending on what kind of car you have.

I wouldn't worry about an alternator yet. See how it goes after installation and then if your lights or dimming then upgrade. But the first thing you will want to change if your lights are dimming is definitely the alternator.

Your system is going to SLAM!

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sorry to butt in, but i'm also interested. i think i will be doing my own install for the first time. isn't there also something called a remote wire to turn the amps on when the hu goes on. i have everything there i believe, but i will be replacing hu and all wires, but ground and power. i'll be hooking up a pioneer DEH-P8MP
to 4 fours, 2 sixes and 2 twelves with a four channel amp and a 2 channel amp. in don't have the slightest what i'm doing, but i guess you gotta learn sometime........

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for Uno..
depending on the vehicle u may need a bigger or smaller one.. but u will definately need an HO alternator... figure around 80 amps to comfortably run the amps alone then u have to figure in how much the vehicles accessories are going to draw.. and with what kirk said.. 0 ga wire to a distro block with 2 4 ga wires going to each amp will work fine.. dont really need a distro block for the grounds, as u can ground them both seperatly.. most wires are pretty much the same, ^^ that set will do.. also remember to upgrade some importand wires under the hood.. Battery to chassis ground, Battery to Engine ground and Alt To POS.. id use 4 ga.. 0 would be better, save u from doing it if u decide to upgrade again to more power..

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I have a 1996 Honda Civic with a Kenwood KDC-MP928 HU and I'm pretty sure after that system is installed plus all the car accessories I will need a new alternator

You guys know of a good place to get one?
All I know right now is

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So you will need 3 sets of RCAs with your deck, and of course the remote wire, missed that little detail. You should sound deaden your car also to get the best sound out of your system. eDead or Dynamat or whatever else.

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thanks for your response

as for noise dampening, do you know if brown bread (b-quiet) is good? I've read there's a lot of imitation Dynamat products that are the same quality but cheaper

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Go to and have nathan the owner build you a very nice quality HO alternatore. excessiveamperage makes the some of the best HO alternators.
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