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Last week I donated my old car, system and all, to my younger brother. It had a Pioneer 9600 MP, with a JL 10w6v2 powered by a JL 500/1. I never bothered to get a HO alternator, so I had the gains set pretty low on the amp, and I never listened to it at obnoxious levels for a long time. I had the setup for about 2 years, purchased new off the internet, and never had any problems with it. Well of course within a week, my brother has already managed to break the sub. Here is his recount:

Driving around with the volume up around 50 (out of 60, I don't think I ever turned it up this loud once EVER), listening to a scratched CD. Now if you've never heard a scratched CD on an mp3 HU, it has a lot of mechanical buzzes and pops, at a really high volume. Then he heard a pop and a fizzle, and since then the sub hasn't fired at all. I turn on the car and the sub, and nothing happens. The amp power light is on, but nothing comes out of the sub. No hissing, no feedback, just doesn't do anything. I checked all the connections, and everything seems to be fine. I'm guessing he just blew the sub, but I'm not really sure what that means. My questions:

First, I thought I read that the JL 500/1 is supposed to shut off anytime the sub is in danger of getting blown out? (I guess maybe it doesn't work in conditions where the user is a complete jackass).

If it is blown, does this mean the sub is totally shot, or can I take it to a JL dealer and possibly get it repaired? (it's not under warranty, is it even going to be worth it economically to try and get it fixed?)

Could something else be wrong, blown fuse, etc., just any possibility there could be wrong with something else?

If the answer to all these questions is my brother is just a retard, and deserves what he gets (read: a blown sub), anybody want to buy a broken 10w6v2 as a fixxer-up project ?


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He more than likely just totally melted the voice coil by sending it so much distortion. Try pushing on the sub itself, if you cannot even make then sub move in, then it is toast. That would be my best bet.

And yes, your brother was pretty stupid if he couldn't hear that much distortion and realize that it probably wasn't too good for the equipment. Sorry to hear that such a nice sub got ruined from ignorance. :-(
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