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How much difference does the right specs for a box really make. i just bought two 12" w6v2's from a guy and i think he had it in the wrong box. its one of those boxes where the port is in the middle of the 2 subs but i dont think its made for those subs. Right now im gettin alot of port noise.

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what is port noise??

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Big difference. A bad box will ruin a sub system. Port noise generally comes from either lack of port area or either failure to smooth the edges out.

Brooks, port noise is a whistling or chuffing noise from a port, it can be avoided by smoothing the ports out with a file (round ports) or sanding the edges of slot ports.

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ahh ic thanks

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The box design is the most important thing. You could have the best subs ever made, but in the wrong box, they will sound terrible. Infact, in the wrong box, it can actually do serious damage to the sub if played below the tuning frequency. If you'd like, I can design you a custom box for those woofers...

Just email me answers to these questions, and I'll send you a box design...

1) Do you want SQ / SQL / SPL (Sound quality / mix / Pure Loudness)

2) Is this for daily use, competition, or both?

3) What music do you listen to?

4) What are the theile small specs? These will include, but are not limited to: Spl, Qts, Qes, Qms, Vas, Sd, BL, etc

5) What are the maximum desired dimensions for the box?

6) What kind and size of subs do you have?

7) How many subs do you have?

Email me this info and I'll send you a box design.

Click Here boxbuilder777@yahoo.com

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Jon, you already designed a ported box for me. but i dont have the money or time to make it right now. I am also considering a sealed box. Those things are louder than i thought they would be. Jon, if you had these in a Jeep which one would you do ported or sealed?
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