Box question...really quick!


heres my question...when porting a sub box how do u measure the distance of the port if you have to turn it...thanks...


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Measure the A legnth first. Then the B legnth and add them together.

_ _B_ _

ik and for sum dumb reason i cant post a diagram due to the size...but ill try to show ya best i can...

! !----
! !
! !
! !

notice how if i added the smaller "L" and the larger "L" the lengths would be which way are u supposed to add them...the longer L or the shorter L or in the middle???
sry if this doesn't make a bit of probly makin it harder than it should be...

wait nvm...i think i just figured it anyway...

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Ummm, like he said, you measure the a section first, but then have to measure the b section from the end of the a section. Do not overlap the 2...
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