Will my alternator handle this?


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I have an 80 amp alternator, my HU draws 10 amps max and I am looking to get a 450rmsX1 amplifier for my subs. It is a class A/B amplifier. With everything going full tilt (lights, windshield wipers, A/C, subs (max volume) powered by a 350rmsX1 class D alpine amplifier, and speakers (max volume), the lights will dim a little, nothing major at all. Of course, I rarely will ever run everything all the way up. Should my 80 amp alternator be able to handle about 55 amps or so from the amplifier? Thanks! Oh, and there is a factory battery in the car...

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if your lights are berely dimming then you could add another 1,000 watts and still be okay

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good idea all around to get a aftermarket battery

interstate optima series are excellent

if u upgrade ur battery do u need to upgrade ur alternator if u dont have that big of a system?

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I have a 93 Explorer that came with the factory installed premium JBL speaker system. I recently switched out the tape deck for a JVC CD player, at the store I purchased it at and had it installed. My subwoofer blew about 2 months after I had it installed. Does changing just the deck change the output to the speakers?? I'm wondering because I'm not sure if there was something wrong with the installation, cd player, or if it was just coincidence?

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no you do not need to upgrade your alternator if you get a new battery a newer battery simply holds more power longer, the alternator just recharges it

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ok cause i had to get a new battery because of them cold winters in Michigan!
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