Why a Flat RTA?


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i recently had my rux-h701 tweeked into 4 presets. the first is a flat curve for IASCA comp and the second is more smiley for MECA.
why in the world would anyone choose to judge a system based on a flat curve? c or a weighted? it sounds like ground up malarkey. the smiley setting is much more appealing, but the 3rd "daily driving" setting sounds worlds better. the only answer i could begin to come up with is for objective reasons. it's a sure way to measure the performance of one car vs another without being biased. then, of course, tonality, staging and all the other components of judging are about as opinionated and picky as they come.
so why not just have two-3 judges for each car and average the score of the car that sounds the best. b/c flat curves are just not sensible imo.
just looking for reasoning i guess.

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because C weighted "flat" isn't truly flat. it's "weighted" to sound flat or natural to the human ear.. no accentuated bass or treble.
it's the closest thing to a transparent reproduction of sound you'll get.. thus the most accurate.

if it sounds bad, that's most likely due to an inadequate system, poor speaker positioning, or the fact that you're just used to having the bass cranked up etc.. and not used to live performances where there's no EQing involved.

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so i guess i'm not a purist after all. (lol)
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