Jon.....heres the box info


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1) What kind of music will you listen to?

2) Do you want SPL/SQ/SQL

3) Is the vehicle for competition or daily use?

4)Maximum desired dimensions - please measure your car and let me know what the
LARGEST possible area for a sub is.

5) I need the Theile/Small properties for the sub. These are the mechanical
properties which would include, but are not limited to: Qts, Qes, Qms, Vas, Sd,
Spl, RE, BL

6) What box are they in now? size and port dimensions if applicable (please
include length)

7) What do you like about your current box? What do you not like about your
current box?

8) How many subs do you have, what size?

9) Are the subs Single Voice Coils? or Dual Voice Coils? How many ohms per coil?

1) Rap

2)Sinch the subs aren't the greatest, i want them to be as loud as possible but not sound like garbage, so mostly SPL.

3)Daily use

4) I would like the box to be within these dimensions:
I would like the box to go from wheel well to wheel well so with that I have 38" across to get a snug fit but can go to 37". A depth of 20" Max and a height of 16".

5)I don't really know what all that means but heres what i can get:
Vas - 107
Fs - 25
Qts - .594
Xmax- 7.7

thats all i get from the site but heres the link from the RF site: Key=10065600&CategoryDesc=Punch%20Subwoofers

6)Well currently I have 2 of them but a box for only one and it is sealed.

7)Well i don't really like it because it only fits one, lol and its a little too high so it can be seen over the back of my seats. However it is a quality box.

8)2 12" Rockford Fosgate Punch Series 1

9)I believe they are single coil and i don't know the ohms.

I will be building the box myself but i would prefer to go sealed because making a ported box seems a little too difficult for me. Do you think they would sound louder in sealed rather than ported ? I would also like a cosmetic look to the box aswell.

Thanks for the help,

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il design u a box for a cheap rate of 5 bux

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This sub has a very wierd frequency response. It is not very flexable and requires a HUGE ported box to achieve a good low response. The sealed in this case actually seems like the way to go.

A ported box would give you higher SPL, but like you said, is much harder to build...

As far as the sealed box goes, to achieve a Qtc of .707 which is generally the lowest desired number, you would need a 9ft^3 box according to all of my programs. I have never seen anything require that large of a box. Anyway, I would recommend a smaller box of about 1.5ft^3 each. This will give you a slightly higher Qtc which will give you very tight bass, and be slightly louder.

Box size:

W 38" x H 14" x D 12"

(assuming you are using .75" MDF)

(2) front/back: 38" x 14"
(2) top/bottom: 38" x 10.5"
(3) sides/middle: 12.5" x 10.5

If you would like to attempt a ported box, let me know and I will gladly get you the box dimensions and dimensions of each board to cut. The box would be 3.5ft^3 tuned at 36hz. This will give you a good response safely down to 34hz, and a gain of 4db (about 40% louder).

Let me know what you would like to do, and how everything sounds when you are done!

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Hey, jon thank you very much for your input, however listening to many other people i traded my P1's for 2 12" Alpine type E's (the newer ones)I was told that these are better subs. I would like the same dimensions. If you could give me some ideas for them if they are different and maybe give some ported directions as well, you say it sohuld increase the loudness so i can always try. Here are some specs on the type E: al_info&i=500SWE1242#Tab

I believe these subs are better than the RF's (i am on a very tight budget) but let me know
Thanks again,

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BTW, Jon, i will running these subs with the RF P3001 mono amp, do you think this would be a good enough amp to run them and get decent bass ?

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I'll check into both products and I'll let you know what I come up with sometime tomorrow...
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