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First off, its glad to see other people who enjoy custom "quality" audio systems.

Im looking to power a JL 10W7 in the JL HO box wired for 3ohm. The two amps i was deciding between are the JL 500/1 and Pheonix Gold Xenon 600.1. Im leaning towards the PG Xenon and different brands of equipment dont bug me. I trying to save a few bucks here and there (still in college), but i want some good stuff. Oh and for the record, im going for more of an SQ setup.

I later on may add a second 2 channel amp for front components, but that will have to come later. My other concern is power. Im running a 96 accord ex v6 2.7 with stock 90amp alternator. I kinda doubt this thing will hold up in the long run. Ive scene ~ 120-140amp bolt in's for sale, but wondering what options thier are for quick swap ones. Seems like everyone always list alternator options for i4 motors, but dont have much for the 2.7 v6. Im looking for a bolt in (I dont want mounting mods) alternator replacement. Is thier any ways to just search for alternators for this acura 2.7 engine (besides google). The only other concern would be wiring from alt to batt. It seems like the stock wiring is 4gauge. Should I upgrade that with a 140/150 amp alternator upgrade?

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for a W7 I'd stick to the 500/1 since it'll assure you get all 500 watts (and then some) at 3 ohms due to the regulated output stage.

as for the alternator, talk to Nathan at
calling him is easier than e-mail. He doesn't always check his account since he's been moving providers or something recently.

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Ok, I need to know some tech differences between JL slash amps and pg's xenon's. I see they both have the regulated output at a range of ohms. I know JL has a fully regulated power supply that really helps with its clean power. Does PG use simliar technology or just the regulated output? How exactly do JL power supplies work that gives them the egde over others?

Thanks for the input so far, I got some estimates on alternator upgrades.. looks like a $340 shipped 180amp is availible.
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