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ok i recently found out that my 2000Watt american legacy isnt enuf to push 2 12" L7's ugh cheap amps! but i dont want to pay 400$ for a kicker or memphis amp or somthign so ive been watching a bunch of competition videos and they are runnin hifonics im lookin at a 1200 watt it says 1200-Watts at 1-Ohm
Run at 4 or 2- Ohms

i have the 4 ohm l7's wired to 2 ohm and im guessing the amp is mono so can i put both subs to one thing on the amp or would i need 2 mono amps cuz rms is only 750 if i could put both subs on one mono amp it would be fine but i dont know if that would be 2 ohms or wat so how many watts would it be cuz its 1200 in 1 ohm how do u figure out how many it is in 2 ohm or watever it would be wiht 2 2ohm subs is the site im gonna buy it from would this be a good idea or should i get a 1500watt or.... will someone help me out oh and also i need some help click the capacitor help lost charging bulb thread

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First off, just so you know, the Hifonics is underrated, and isn't the best of an amp. Not bad for the price, just has some ??? unanswered.
If you are sure you want a Hifonics, I would get the 1500, or even the 2000, as if the 2000 is underrated, at least you will be close to what you want to drive those subs!

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if they are under rated the 1500 will push more than 1500 right so im thinkin of going with a 1500 but the american legacy i got now dont push $hit now can i put both subs on a mono amp or wat??

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he meant to say they're overrated.
they don't put out what they say.

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grrr how come i see them in all the comp cars everyone has them so i guess i should run a 2000Watt well.... idk i dont wanna run into the same prob wit my american legacy wil lsomeone answer me on that thing witht the how many ohms 2 4ohm subs wired to 2ohm would be hooked up to the same mono amp???

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go to rockford fostgaste wiring diagram

First off dual voice coil or single subwoofer

Dual voice coil =Dual+Voice+Coil+-+4+ohms+x+2&image.x=25&image.y=4

not happening so you must have single voice coils?

single voice coil =Single+Voice+Coil+-+4+ohms&image.x=7&image.y=9

will that help

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Bob, Hifonics are low budget amps for people that want noise in their cars. That is why almost all of them are used by people wanting SPL at LOW COST.
Personally, I'd never buy them. I guess between Hifonics and Pyramid/Sony, you have to lean towards Hifonics. This does not mean they actually produce as stated in their ads. I'd be surprised if you got half the power in clean, useable format.
To find what kind of power you'll get at 2ohms, find the power number for 4ohms and then 1ohm. 2ohms is half way between those 2.
If you have 2 4ohms DVC subs, you can not get 2ohms total resistance. You can have 8ohms, 4ohms or 1ohm.

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hey buddy 2 4 ohm dvc's wire down to 2 ohms its ok take deep breaths learn ur $hit then start telling ppl that they are wrong and if u dont believe me try looking on kicker considering the book that came with my subs showed how to wire it to 2ohms i think ill trust kicker b4 i trust u
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