Adire Shiva 12 vs. JL 12w6v2?


Tim L.
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anyone able to compare performance of these two through first-hand listening experience?

i have experience with a w6v2, but i was wondering if anyone has heard or taken a look at the build quality of a shiva 12? i'm looking to possibly build a system for a good female friend in the future, and i'd like to build her a NICE lil intro system..

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hmm i dont know...they both get 16mm xmax 1 way, shiva has dual 8 w6 has dual 4

shiva take 650w rms
12w6 takes 400w rms

shiva is $125
12w6 is ~$400

i would personally take the shiva, mostly because of price and wiring flexibility - wire two in paralell to get 2 ohm load makes it easier to find an amp that will run them

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Username: Its_bacon12

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oh um sorry i didnt see first hand experience...

ive seen both play and really they sound almost exactly the same far as build quality, its from adire audio and they make excellent drivers

either way neither of you will be dissapointed

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both are good subs and both will make her happy
the shivas are good in pairs.
for a single sub setup go JL, for two 12" go with the Shivas.
that way you get a 2 Ohm load for a mono amp whichever way you go.

Tim L.
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i know neither would disappoint.. =P

thing is, the popular opinion is that they pretty much perform similarly, and since i would be pickin up the TAB, for the $125 price tag, i would obviously go with the shiva.. the miniscul difference in performance wouldn't be worth 3X the price or $275.. =4.. BUT, i WOULD take a w6v2 and that extra bit of something and/or build quality, for FREE.. =P

know what's INNTERESTING??

on another car audio forum i'm on, this topic has come up before and a few people expressed that the w6v2 would "eat the shiva for breakfast",.. there's this guy who posts there named Dan, who is from Adire Audio, and they know him n said that Dan would even agree with them.. (probably not in their same degree of words, but at least concede that the w6v2 would out perform the shiva in this or that noticeable ways)..

anyways, was just looking for your input, your opinions.. gather as many as i can..

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