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Hi how are you? I am new to the board and also new to the car audio world. I just finished purchasing a pioneer premier deh-560mp and i installed it today. I am not really on a budjet but I don't want to spend a lot

I have a 2002 honda civic ex coupe. and I want to buy speakers for the entire car in a couple of weeks. I want to get great sound quality but not have to blow the block away, i don't want to show off. I just want it for my enjoyment.

Are there any speakers you guys recommened? not only that do I need an amp to power the speakers? i woukd really appreciate your help thanks in advance

Well, I'm not exactly sure what will fit in your car, I think 6.5 in the front, not sure about the back. If you're going high end, shop around online, Infinity Kappa Perfect, MB Quart, JL Audio, Boston Acoustics, Diamond Audio will not do you wrong. You'll hear it a million times, go to a reputable audio shop and listen to speakers. Just make sure to take your time, turn off any equalizers to hear how they perform, that way you'll hear the true difference. I would definately amp the speakers for quality sound, The JL audio 500/5 is a 5 channel amp which drives 100 watts RMS to each of the front speakers (I recommend components) and 25 RMS to each of the rear, plus an additional class D amp at 250W RMS. The 25W on the rear channel gives great rear fill and a good front soundstage. This is a solid amp and will give you an excellent sound quality without all the booming and showing off. I would recommend a good 10" subwoofer to fill in where the other speakers leave off. I've personally heard this amp and it is fantastic, smooth as glass with the right components.

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thanks a lot that is really cool. i am going to highly consider the set up you gave me. i think that would be great for me and nice to have. do you know anywhere i can shop online to get good deals. thanks

Yeah, they have MBquart, infinity, and a few other component systems really cheap, and have a warranty (all their speakers are brand new). As for JL Audio amp, it's kinda expensive and you'll have to shop around. I don't like Ebay simply b/c you have no idea what you're getting into. I don't know your price range, but I've seen the MB Quart and Kappa Perfect component systems on ikesound for $200 (usually they're above 500-600). The JL Audio amp is around 650 online, if that isn't what you want to spend, there are plenty of alternatives, just shop around. As for the 10" sub, JL audio, Infinity Kappa, and others can be had pretty cheap online, just make sure to match them up in the proper box.(Volume if the box is sealed, if ported, make sure it's the right volume and tuned to the right frequency.) That should give you awesome sound if you are willing to spend it.

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he said he dont want to spend a lot of money so you tell him to get jl audio and infinity? he is a first timer the best thing he can do is go to stereo stores and ask questions! then he can get online and find what he is looking for!! He's not doing to bad. he has a deh560premier. if you want to know what size speaker are in your car go to just dont buy any thing.

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I would be very careful asking questions of any sales people.
they'll tell you whatever tehy need to, in order to sell you what they make a profit on.

You're better off talking to people in the IASCA and USAC circuits and such for good opinions on equipment. They compete with the stuff. They don't sell it.

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Hey guys thanks alot for all the help. I have been doing some research and have come up with some options. I want to know what you guys recommend. Thanks



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