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Hey everybody. I am looking into stepping up my stock system. I know that the soundstage is supposed to be in front of you, but I also have people riding in the back alot. Which would you guys recommend: Getting a real nice set of Components for the front, and leaving the stock 6x9s in the back. Or getting a cheaper set of components and get new coaxs in the back ( I am only amping the fronts) Thanks

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i'd recommend the don't want that much of a difference in clarity

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Yeah, I first thought that Id just use the fader when nobody was in back, but when I do have to take people wherever I didnot want to have the junk speakers ruining the sound all around

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I'm not entirely sure if it is about clarity rather than the OEM speakers are playing full range sound, if there was a way to cut off the highs and possibly mids you might be able to get away with your first suggestion. Also, since the factory speakers have a significantly lower RMS rating, they'd distort faster as the volume is turned up. The fader would have to be set more towards the front if possible to compensate.

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another sugestion for you. Go with a set of 6.5s in the back (mid range only). IMO that will be your best bet. It won't pull to much from the sound stage, and still give the people in the back some more sound.

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If you're replacing your head unit as well, a feature on pioneer head units called a "front image enhancer" might interest you. If you had coaxials in the back, this would let you turn off the highs coming from the back speakers, resulting in better imaging. this would essentially be like only getting mids in the back as Jeremy suggested, but it would give you the option of giving rear seat listeners a taste of highs every once in a while if they behaved well...and offered to chip in for gas. I'm not sure if alpine or eclipse etc. also has this feature.

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My opinion is that if you are spending a set amout on money for 2 speakers or 4 then put the best speakers you can in the front. Fade the rear ones out when your alone and bring them up a little when you have passangers. Run the rear ones off of your HU. All the rear ones are going to do is provide a little fill for the passangers, they are still going to hear the front ones. It will still sound very good from the back seat.
If the passangers want a nicer sounding stereo they can buy the rears for you :-)
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