CDA-9853, getting buzz noise??


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What up all.
I just installed an Alpine CDA 9853. The buzzing noise which is mostly heard thru the tweeters, is only heard right before I turn the car's engine on. Meaning, if i turn on the radio, but not the engine, i will hear this buzzing noise coming thru the tweeters. I did not have this problem with the last head unit i was using.

I had my whole system (2 amps, front/rear speakers, and subs)installed proffesionally, but installed the new head unit in myself. I am running my front/rear speakers from a 4 channel amp and the subs from a 2-channel. My power cables are not on the same side as the speaker wires or RCAs so I am certain it is not a magnetic field i created.

Anyone have any suggestions?? Could it be the connection i made in the head unit??

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It could be, a common issue of noise seems to deal with problems related to the RCA cable (loose connectors, rust etc). Sometimes the source unit is at fault, not by flaw, but possibly too high of output levels. I had static induced noise in my speakers with my XM Roady2 and found the output was too high-lowering the output corrected my problem. It's going to take some experimenting to find the exact source of the problem...

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Yeh could but numerous things :-(
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