I don't know which one of these 2 should be the best


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Hi everyone. I have 2x 10" Thunder 7500 single voice coil sealed box 800 watt RMS in my car(Toyota Corolla 2001) right now, it sound great but the bass outside my car is a bit weak because i put sound demping mat in my trunk, and they told me that i have to change the 2 10" for 12" for more air movement, that's why i want to know what should be the best for me. honestly i like 10" subwoofer more than a 12" becuase of less room space,

I'm a bit confused right now. and i want to know what you guys think should be better, wich one of these two will work for my situacion?, 2 12" MTX Thunder 7500 Svc wired in parallel sealed box powered by an MTX Thunder 801D 800 watt RMS or 2x 10" MTX Thunder 9500 Svc wired in parallel sealed box powered by an 1501D 1500 Watt RMS? in a Toyota Corolla 2001. The 2x 12" Thunder 7500 800W RMS Tot have a bigger cone area but a less Xmax Xmax= 16.5mm. And The 2x 10" Thunder 9500 have less cone area but with a bigger Xmax Xmax= 25.5mm and 1500 W RMS Tot. Thus what's the difference between the bigger the cone area and the bigger the Xmax? I want more SPL. Thnx guy's

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why not keep your current set-up but throw them in a ported box you will get much more depth out of them. Also I wish you couldnt hear my system outside my car at all its a thief magnet. Keep your music in your own car man chances are no one else wants to hear it around you!

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Yea that's what I was gonna say. I have 2 10" Infinity Reference subs in my trunk and they are louder than most kids dual and triple sub setups! lol! It also sounds very good keeping up with the musicand deep low end. Just port them to about 30 hz.
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