Loud popping noise/ s15 l7 box help


i have 2 s10l7's (kicker) and a 2000 watt legacy amp. every time i hit the breaks or change gears, or turn on my lights the subs pop extremely loud.but only the subs pop not the interior speakers, if i turn off my subs it doesnt pop but if there on they do , please help, ps what box type should i use for an s15l7? plz provide sites of pics

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check your ground and rca cables. Somewhere in your amp wiring you are picking up noise and interference. Tighten your ground point for your amp. If that don't work move your ground. Check your rca cables as well and make sure they arn't pinched anywhere. Might wanna look into a different amp as well. Kids around here have htme and blow them all the time
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