Glasswolf...Did you use to use CV's awhile ago??


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I was just looking through some old threads and i read across a post about you hitting like 145 or somethign with some CV subs.
i currently have 2 12" V-Max's and was wondering what u hit that with? (if you're th eperosn im thinking of)
i'm trying to get some more bass out of mine and am looking for any tips
(its already ported)

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i was the one who asked glass if he really did that. He said it was becasue of a number of reasons. He said the main reason was becasue them subs wre so efficient with the power that they were given. Them subs were from '91 I think. He said they wre designed to be that efficient because back in them days having a lot of power like today's amps was jsut unheard of and was extremely expensive. He also said that a sturdy, well made ported enclosue and the vehicle that they were installed in played a big role in what he hit. That system was said to jsut blow you out of the water with its clarity and volume.

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small car, too.
this was before CV made Vmaxes

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Back in the late 80's CV was the SH*T!!
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