Need sum hel with a system


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have a 1978 El Camino that im trying to put a system in (yes i know there is not much to work with) the elcamino behind the seats has a pocket that is wery long and it has probley about 4-5 cubic feet of air space in it. now i have been doing sum searching and nobuy has said anything about putting a system in a el camino, now ive been looking at subs and i found 2 that i like they are the SPL 10inch comp subs with 2200 watts max and 1000 watts RMS, they are dual 1 ohm voice coials in each one of them, and they requir about 1.5 cubic feet of air space in a ported box. do you these would work and if so what amp do u think would go good 4 it, also the otherones are the power aquestic mofo seares, the 10 in ones, they are 2400 watts max and 1000watts RMS, they are dual 2 ohm voice coails, they require alittle more air space then the spls and they run in a ported box to, which ones do you think would work good and which ever one u pick tell me why and why not the other. thanks 4 ur help P.S. im putting 2 ofthem in the car

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Well no one else has posted
i'll take a stab at it
first off, are you trying to go for all SPL?
comp subs and the PA MOFO, FUBR, any of those acronym's are not known for SQ.
secondly, even if you are going for SPL, i'd reccomend a different set-up
the MOFO's are power hungry beasts that don't quite have the quality you might be looking for in a sub to have u be repair free and trouble free with them
what's your price limit??

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so what do you recomend cuz i have a craving for baas and sound and im willing to go up 2 4-5 thousand on the system all the system

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plez hep cuz u are the only one that has helped me

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4-5 thousand...
k, we're talkin some serious money then,lol
is that for the whole system??
or do u have parts of it already done yet?
4-5k is gonna be overkill on the subs,lol

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its gunna be 4 all of it

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all i realy need help with is the subs, i got the rest covered

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and amp

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and its gotta work good in the el camino, nuttin crapie

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I will take a stab at it. I will try to build you a system from the ground up for lets say, $2500.

Alpine CDA-9855 HU- $450
(2) Ed nine.1 1200wrmsX1 @1 ohms (1200 watts RMS to both subs).- $700 total for both
(2) MTX 9500's, XXX, 12W7, Eclipse Titanium etc.

I tried, hope it helped a little.

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do you know a web site where i can find this stuff

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based on a 4 thousand doller limit of what i would do

1 300 amp alternator 4-5 hundred
2 yellow top batteries 5 hundred for all batteries
1 red top battery

ok now 3 thousand left on Hu's wiring, box, subs, and amps.
Personally, i dont know what you want, sq or spl, so sq this is what iwould do
2 12 inch RE x.x.x's, and 2 PPI 1500dcxs, thats 2 thousand gone.
SO now 1 thousand left on HU, wiring, and box.
FOr the HU i would go Eclipse 8454 if you can find it, and for wiring go 0 gauge for the batteries and 4 gauge for the rest. should leave around 300 or so for box.
for spl purposes, iw ould go 2 10 inch RE MT's,
there goes 800
so now 2200 left. 2 kicker kcx 2500.1, find someone who works for cc and get them at 70 percent off i think, so theres another 1200-1500 gone if you get the discount. so now about 1000left, go with all the same other stuff, spend whats left over on sound deadening
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