I'm going all out on spl...glass


glasswolf jr.
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like i said i'm going all out on the spl portion of everything, i'm not even going to install tweeters in my car, just subs.

i'm thinkning of getting a couple of ID MAXs, and then have some audiobahn immortals on the side jsut to give the some linearity.

i've heard the id's hit in the high 170 for minutes, waht do you guys think? its going in a f350 supercab, i'm thinkning 10 ids and 3 audiobahns, i also got some lanzars, and kickers that i might throw in there. opinions welcomed!!

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www.ddaudio.com if all you want is TOTAL SPL

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Yup, and what do you plan on powering these with?
Oh, another great choice for spl is the RE MT... www.reaudio.com

glasswolf jr.
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dd audio? mt? i'm from st. louie, and i found this place that carries id's i havent heard of dd or mt, how many watts can those take, cleanly, for burps

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i don't think you can it in the high one seventies, since that is pushing the record! Let alone for several minutes. lol

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10000 no prob.

glasswolf jr.
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holy crap! the re doesnt even offer a warranty on the mt "due to its nature of use"

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Lol.... its an unbelievable sub! It can handle the power... or you can go with the DD 9917, but pay a lot more.

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Man...no tweeters...
why even go for that,lol
no tweeters, mixing and matching subs...that is defintely all SPL, :P
id say the MT...the thing is a beasttt
or the 18" Eclipse Ti
all are beasts
id be more worried about the power and the ears
in ur first post though...dont go with the audiobahns. For several reasons
ill sum em up and say...don't,lol

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"i'm thinkning of getting a couple of ID MAXs, and then have some audiobahn immortals on the side jsut to give the some linearity"

That won't sound like $hit or anything... unless you meen having the bahn's sit out and switch them if you want to get louder, if they for some reason were louder than the Id's.

Putting a couple Audiobahn subs in the same system with Id Max's is not only a bad idea, it would also sound like 1 person scratching their nails on a chalk board while a 100 piece orchestra plays.

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haha, good analogy

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It sounds like you've got a lot of reading to do. In all honestly the plan sounds pretty crappy. Read up about SPL before you start getting into comps.

george w. bush
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fukin haters

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do u want some tips on spl?

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What are the odds that George Bush is also glass jr.??? Don't be calling us haters just because we can spot a VERY stupid idea when we see one. Opinions are welcomed, as stated in the very first post. If you say that, you are gonna have to expect people are going to be truthful about what they think. If you don't like it, then don't ask for opinions. Plain. Simple. Period.
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